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About Us

We began BOLD Swim because we believe in empowering women everywhere to wear sustainable swimwear, that is comfortable, fits, and has versatile use and creates economic, social, and environmental good.

Resolving issues of fit, and comfort for as many body types as possible, and increasing sustainability through production, and versatility in use in and out of the water. Along with donating waste (fabric scraps) to local artisans in Brazil ( where we manufacture) to create income it  allows us to make an impact in creating global sustainable communities.

In the two short years since BOLD Swim has been live, our community has grown to include people of all over.

Through partnerships with organizations like 1% for The Planet, organic articles in The Good Trade, Vanity Fair (UK), Glamour (UK), Eco Cult, Rachel Ray, and our brand partners Made Trade, Done Good, Pildora, The Etho and so many more. BOLD Swim is growing our network and our brand while becoming a strong force in sustainable swimwear. 

Of course, developing products, connecting with BOLD Swim innovators, and building, maintaining, and upgrading a website costs money and takes significant time. Thus, to continue to offer and improve the resources we have built, we need your help.

We need enough doers who share our goal of a sustainable future to take a small but essential action. If enough people who believe our mission of inclusive sustainable swimwear are good for our future and are able to support us with a donation as little as $40-$200, BOLD Swim can grow the future of sustainable and inclusive swimwear.

What We'll Use the Money For
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Here are BOLD Swim Rising's costs:

  • Our People. We desperately are looking to bring people back to work, and hire full time support. I can’t do it alone.
  • Hosting. We need hosting to support traffic from our visitors and keep our growing community happy.
  • Klaviyo. The service we use to email subscribers to our newsletter. This fee grows as our list grows.
  • Ongoing Web Development. Maintaining a website is one thing. Maintaining a job engine is even more costly and demanding. Because this requires sophisticated know-how, we pay for ongoing web development.
  • Administrative / Miscellaneous. In addition to the above, the administrative costs of maintaining a legal  organization add up each year. Especially as we look to become a B Corp, Beyond these costs, there are simply the soft costs of time and energy and the other inevitable unforeseen costs that arise with any business.

Collective Optimism

In confusing times like these, it is important to remain optimistic. Our efforts and other efforts like this hinge on the optimism of people like YOU. We are optimistic about the future of BOLD Swim, which is why we have put our time and effort into building something impactful.

If, like us, your optimism has not given way to cynicism, please support our work with a small contribution and know that you are not simply contributing to the global community, you are nudging the next person to keep their optimism and do the same.  

We are all in this together.