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Collective Optimism

In confusing times like these, it is important to remain optimistic. Our efforts and other efforts like this hinge on the optimism of people like YOU. We are optimistic about the future of BOLD Swim, which is why we have put our time and effort into building something impactful.

If, like us, your optimism has not given way to cynicism, please support our work with a small contribution and know that you are not simply contributing to the global community, you are nudging the next person to keep their optimism and do the same.  


What We'll Use the Money For

 That money will help us to continue informing and inspiring and growing the BOLD Swim Team

while maintaining donating to initiatives such as 

Sustainability Initiatives

Here are BOLD Swim Rising's costs:

  • Our People. We desperately are looking to bring people back to work, and hire full-time support. I can’t do it alone.
  • Hosting. We need hosting to support traffic from our visitors and keep our growing community happy.
  • Klaviyo. The service we use to email subscribers to our newsletter. This fee grows as our list grows.
  • Ongoing Web Development. Maintaining a website is one thing. Maintaining a job engine is even more costly and demanding. Because this requires sophisticated know-how, we pay for ongoing web development.
  • Administrative / Miscellaneous. In addition to the above, the administrative costs of maintaining a legal organization add up each year. Especially as we look to become a B Corp, Beyond these costs, there are simply the soft costs of time and energy and the other inevitable unforeseen costs that arise with any business.