BOLD Swim Spring Trends 2023

BOLD Swim Spring Trends 2023

As a fashion enthusiast, I concur with Annie Ljung's compilation in the Zoe Report on the major swimwear trends for Spring 2023. Our own list comprises the essential pieces of the season, some of which may not be new, but they embody the idea of timeless designs and fashionable silhouettes that transcend time. These styles have been favorites not only this year but in the past, and they are worth revisiting.

In contrast to fast fashion, which prioritizes mass production and consumerism, slow fashion emphasizes sustainable and ethical practices in fashion production. This includes the use of eco-friendly materials and producing clothing in small batches to minimize waste.


Sporty and Sleek 

Marble Body Suit 

Cutout Craze

Midnight Rise 

Playful Prints

Cabana Shirt and Trunks 

Majestic Fierce - Coming Soon 

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