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More than Swimwear

Hey there, I'm Tiffany Asamoah, the visionary behind BOLD Swim. Our brand embodies a fresh, minimalist take on women's swimwear, focusing on timeless designs and a forward-thinking approach to fashion. We believe in effortless elegance, crafting pieces that seamlessly blend style with comfort.

As the CEO, Founder, and designer, I embarked on a personal quest for the ultimate swimwear fit. Frustrated by the lack of options out there, I decided to take matters into my own hands, giving rise to BOLD Swim.

We understand that the right fit isn't just about feeling good on vacation—it's about empowering confidence. When you wear BOLD Swim, heads turn and self-assurance blossoms, challenging conventional beauty standards. In a world where size and sustainability often clash, we're rewriting the script. Our brand seamlessly weaves together both, proving that confidence is just as vital to the swimwear experience as finding the perfect fit.

XOXO, Tiffany

Be You. Be BOLD.

Founder, Designer and CEO Tiffany Asamoah