More than Swimwear

Embarking on BOLD Swim's journey, I, Tiffany Asamoah, CEO, Founder, and designer, sought to revolutionize swimwear through a personal pursuit of the perfect fit. Dissatisfied with existing options, I faced a daunting challenge in finding bespoke swimwear, sparking the genesis of BOLD Swim.

Driven to tackle the prevalent issue of ill-fitting swimwear, I envisioned a brand that not only transformed sizing but also reshaped the swimwear industry. BOLD Swim was born from the revelation that a staggering 40% of swimwear purchases resulted in returns due to sizing discrepancies, highlighting a systemic problem requiring a BOLD solution.

Founder, Designer and CEO Tiffany Asamoah

Infusing AI technology into BOLD Swim's design process, I ensured innovation at the core. Early on, I harnessed artificial intelligence to enhance sizing precision, guaranteeing each piece would be tailored to perfection. This not only differentiated BOLD Swim but also showcased a commitment to overcoming long-standing sizing challenges in the industry.

Since our establishment in 2017, BOLD Swim has garnered unwavering customer trust by delivering impeccable fits. The transformative impact of AI is evident in the remarkable reduction of the return rate, now standing impressively at 12%. This achievement underscores my dedication to redefining sizing and sustainability standards in the swimwear realm.

Beyond practical benefits, BOLD Swim recognizes that a better fit is not just about vacation satisfaction—it's a transformative journey ensuring confidence. As heads turn, wearers radiate newfound self-assurance, challenging traditional beauty norms. In a world where size and sustainability often clash, BOLD Swim seamlessly intertwines them, presenting a narrative that challenges industry norms and ensures confidence is as integral to the swimwear experience as the perfect fit.

Experience the journey with BOLD Swim—where innovation, empowerment, and impeccable fits redefine swimwear.

XOXO, Tiffany

Be You. Be BOLD.