Earth Month - a deeper drive

Earth Month - a deeper drive

It's April, and you know what that means, it's Earth Month. 

Here is our super easy style guide to ensure you reduce your travel footprint, with these festival/vacation-proof tips.


Washing your BOLD Swimsuit

This is your chance to help with addressing the global water crisis by reducing water use.


While traveling we suggest SOAK, a no-rinse way to conserve water and take care of that bikini laundry. Soak is made using plant-derived ingredients and is biodegradable. Seven fragrances to choose from. We tested this in years past on our suits and even included it in orders. What we love:  no water needed, space saver, TSA friendly.



Our skincare is made from recycled plastic bottles, in sizes meant to reduce product waste and to be reusable. Did you know you can save up to 10-15% when you buy your skincare with a subscription and request to return your bottle with your next purchase for repurposing?

Skincare on Repeat




Thanks to you we have grown, and because of our shared commitment and focus on slow fashion and sustainability. We are happy to share that we are making the next moves toward inclusive pricing. While small batch production requirements and sustainability go hand in hand, often prices do not. Let's be clear as we move to align our pricing this does not mean you will see a reduction in the quality, and or materials we use. While we can never promise to be as low as fast fashion brands, we realize that we are aligning our goals so more of BOLD Swim can be worn worldwide. and frankly my dear, we GIVE A DAMN. We believe everyone should go on vacation and luxury should be available for EVERYONE.


Here's our plan


Continue to invest in our people, and partners, curated capsule collections,  pre-ordering, and review our packaging. 


Including our goal of B Certification, and (pending) Bureaus  Veritas Sustainability Certification


We will continue to bring unique pieces as well as the classic styles you know and love us for.


You can help us get there. the more people you bring to the community, the faster we also are able to pass the legislation that we want to see in the fashion space.


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