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All in the wash

Keep in mind, these suggestions can help prolong the lifespan of your bikinis while also being considerate of both your garments and the environment.

1. Opt for cold water rinses to minimize shedding of microfibers. Hand washing is recommended for best results.
2. Spot-clean only necessary areas using an all-natural, biodegradable soap. This is not only better for your bikini but also for the environment compared to mainstream cleaners. Check out our recommended products below.
3. Always rinse your bikini in cold water after each use, regardless of whether you entered the water or not.
4. Dry your bikini by laying it flat to maintain its shape.
5. Have a backup bold suit to rotate, allowing each bikini ample time to dry completely before wearing again.
6. Avoid using bleach on your bikinis.
7. If you prefer to use a washer and dryer, ensure you use delicate cycles and opt for low or no heat/air dry settings.

 Cleaners that we have tried and love:

Bikinis over Everything - bespoke reusable mini ( travel jar) , with a gentle organic botanical scents, 
Mollys Suds - good for bulk home washes, good value for size and $$
SoakWash - travel packs (or at home bottles) that do not require water in many unique scents. Talk about aroma therapy